The First Chapter of 'The Fiery Women'

 CHAPTER 1 The Village of D’Salem ‘When l watch flickering lights, In distant homes, From my window seat on a train, Or when I watch them, As I walk spiritedly under an umbrella, Or in a two-, Or four wheeler in a rain; The great spirit of wonder, Gives birth to the dawn of realisation- Every human and home is different, This is most evident, Everyone is searching for their Destiny.... This was the poem that Preetha’s elegant mind was conjuring up as she walked towards her friend’s home. Our young protagonist had just shifted gears and ----- had made the transition from being a painter of colors to a painter of words! The year was 1925. Twenty-two years later, India would become an independent nation. The people of Hindustan had already started to receive the fruits of intellectual freedom. Rabindranath Thakur, the Indian philosopher-poet had already  won  the  Nobel  Prize in  Literature  in  1913 - inspiring  a  large  number  of fellow Indians to pick up the pen and turn into happy

Book review of 'That House That Age'

 Dr Padmapriya S

Some English Fun Facts!

 *_Some English Fun Facts_*  🌻The English word, 'locution' comes from the French word, 'loqui', which means ' speak'! 🌻The English word, 'Panic' is derived from the name of a Greek mythological character named Pan, who was half-goat and half-human. 🌻The word, 'piano' is a shortened form of 'pianoforte', the Italian word for the instrument.  🌻The sentence, 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' is a pangram, which means that it contains all the 26 letters of the English language. 🌻It took 50 years to compile the Oxford English Dictionary!

Poem: Our Own Failed Us

 Our Own, Failed Us Sweet child, our own failed us, We left our home states, In search of jobs to feed our hungry bellies, Our destinies twisted by lies of our own folk,  We fled to feed our bodies and souls.. Our own failed us, dear child, We die a slow death because of our own... Our home states failed us, Our own failed us... We were left to fend for ourselves, Forced to seek jobs elsewhere, In other places, Far away from familiar sights, Smells, fragrances, feelings and fraternal ties, We almost forgot our mother tongue, We lost our sense of home and belonging, Shunted from place to place, Made migrant in our own land, As we worked in neighbouring states, Or in far away nooks and corners of, The vast land that we proudly call as Bharat, Building roads and houses, And what not for others... Abiding by our national pledge, 'All Indians are my brothers and sisters.' Our own kith and kin failed us, Our own homes and home states abandoned us, Leaving us to live like wretches, Po

Poem: Character is Destiny

 Character is Destiny  Character is destiny, He is great, The real man, the immortal man, Who stands up for truth, Even in the midst of brutes, Who stands up as a beacon of benevolence, When all around him, There is violence. Who believes in the immortality of justice, Even when he is bulldozed under an edifice. Who practices non-violence, Even when pelted with a volley of violence, Who is honest, Even in the midst of humbling poverty, Caring not for the taunting of a few or majority, Who struggles determinedly, works hard, Even when he remains unheard. Who is generous,       But not to a fault, Who is magnanimous, Who returns good for evil, Who is full of gratitude, Even in the midst of ineptitude, Who is chaste, Not succumbing to temptations, infinite, Who unceasingly improves himself, With no more desire than to outshine himself, Who sympathizes, Expecting no sympathy, Who helps and is kind, Truly a gem of the rarest kind, Who is punctual, Unmindful that life is a process, eventual,

Poem: A Love Offering

 I offered you myself, You took me unto thyself, You kissed me reverently, On my lips, Our lives became full of bliss, You said,  'Your eyes are beautiful, Your skin is rough but even, Your lips are dark and deep', Appreciation of little things, Made me very happy, You share my thoughts, My emotions and dreams, So now you share me! Dr.S.Padmapriya 

Poem: Navarathri

 *Navarathri* Nine nights, Of splendour, Embedded in the psyche and reality, Of the India Wonder! Three Goddesses are propitiated, Durga, Saraswathi and Lakshmi, To fulfil our needs, We pray to the trinity. On Ayudha puja*, Tools and equipments, All are given rest,  For the work they do, On other days of the year, When they put in their best. On Saraswathi puja,* The Goddess of learning is eulogised, The Epitome of knowledge is our pride, Books are granted freedom for a day, To all people especially children, It feels like a wonderful holiday. Durga Pujo* is done in a manner, Best possible by our Bengali brethren, The prowess of Kali ma is uncountable, The human power is infinitesimal! Vijayadashami* is a memorable day, For when all culminates then people say, ‘Start to do the new, They will bear wings, All your dreams will come true, There is much work to do'. Dr.S.Padmapriya