List of my E-books on Kindle

  Links to my e-books on Kindle Kindle link to my third poetry collection, 'Galaxy'!

My Writing Repertoire

  My Writing Repertoire In addition to poems, short stories and a novel, I have written articles on diverse subjects and personalities including Bhagawan Shri. Rama, Kulasekara Azhwar, Dr.Ambedkar, Shri.Veera Savarkar, Dr.Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Shri. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya ji , Thiru. M.G.R., Jaya amma, Pokhran, Pongal, Hijab Controversy, Tamilnadu Budget, Rising Crime Rate in Tamilnadu etc

A Poem for Easter

 A Poem For Easter On Good Friday, The Saint Christ gave up his life, He made an ultimate sacrifice, For all of mankind to rise! The blood dripped from The Cross, Great souls let their lives talk. Three days after Holy Friday, By his resurrection, The Saint showed The Way, The message was crystal clear, Goodness can never die, Though it will be subject to many a trial!                                                 Dr.S.Padmapriya

Bahubali - Poem

 My poem on the great Jain monk, Bahubali!   Bahubali   A Tribute to the Jain monk, Bahubali O Bahubali! Vajrarsabhanaracasamhanana*, Master of Vindhyagiri*, I have come to worship you, I have come to see you. With my eyes fixed upon your glowing face, And my soul bent with humility and compassion, To see one who has attained kayotsarga*, The realised one, I have come. Who has mastered Kevala Gnana*, Son of Rishabhanatha and Sunanda, Brother of Bharatha, The most respected of Theerthankaras*, Protagonist of Adi Purana*, Praised by mahakavi* Pampa, O Gommateshwara* built by Chavundaraya, An illustrious commander of the dynasty Ganga, You who were born in holy Ayodhya, I have come to you, To meet you at your temporary abode at Shravanabelagola, Before you left for the eternal abode of Mount Kailasha, I have come to see you. Blessings from the heavens, This holy ordainment,  To write about you, Human redemption from forces destroying innocence, With your eternal benign presence  Today as

Poem: Basant Panchami

  Poem Basant Panchami  Let us fall into a reverie, A kind of sweet surreal sleep, With all of nature and existence, After the year's tiring and exhaustion.  The air brings sweet fragrances, Nature seems engrossed in communion, Basant Panchami is the beginning, Of the spring season.  Let us worship Goddess Saraswati, To fill us with creative energy, The lucky ones will take a dip in the Triveni, Let's end prejudice and hegemony.  Romantic is this season, It is not without a reason, Rati and Kama, Are coming with joyful frissons!  Dr. S. Padmapriya

Poem: Flowers 🌼🌺🌷⚘🌹🥀🏵

 Flowers Flowers unplucked live longer, Maidens are like flowers, The fragrance of their beauteousness, Dissolve all differences and disturbances. 'Baran' or 'Hathras', 'Nirbhaya' or an 'Abhaya', Names of places or persons, Are of little consequence, When living souls are sacrificed, To satisfy the hunger of a perverted conscience! Not to be plucked or, Crushed, stampeded or brutalised, The wonderful flower of myriad temperaments, Remember she is, Someone's daughter, friend or sister, Wife, mother or lover! Remember - love forced, Is not real love to begin with, Flowers unplucked live longer! S.Padmapriya

List of the Written Works of The Missile Man!

 List of the Written Works of the Missile Man, Shri.Dr. Abdul Kalam - Developments in Fluid Mechanics and Space Technology (A P J Abdul Kalam and Roddam Narasimha) India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium (A P J Abdul Kalam, Y. S. Rajan) Wings of Fire: An Autobiography (A P J Abdul Kalam, Arun Tiwari) Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India (A P J Abdul Kalam) The Luminous Sparks (A P J Abdul Kalam) Mission India (A P J Abdul Kalam, Paintings by Manav Gupta) Inspiring Thoughts (A P J Abdul Kalam) Indomitable Spirit (A P J Abdul Kalam) Envisioning an Empowered Nation (A P J Abdul Kalam with A Sivathanu Pillai) You Are Born To Blossom: Take My Journey Beyond (A P J Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari) Turning Points: A journey through challenges (A P J Abdul Kalam) Target 3 Billion (A P J Abdul Kalam and Srijan Pal Singh) My Journey: (titled எனது பயணம் – Tamil) Transforming Dreams into Actions (A P J Abdul Kalam) A Manifesto for Change: A Sequel to India 2020 (A P J Abdul Kalam and V